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Low Slope/Flat Roofing


  • Copper
  • TPO


Harper Roofing - No Seem Flat Copper Harper Roofing - Raised Seem Copper Harper Roofing Capper Roof Harper Roofing Copper Low Slope

Copper roofing is the one of the most durable, low-maintenance types of roofing available. On very low slopes, copper pans are locked and soldered to form a network of reinforcing joints, its anchor points being within the locks and covered. As the angle of the slope increases above 9.5 degrees, double-locked, vertical, standing seams are employed in which the anchor points are interior to the seams and fully covered. No externals fasteners are used. Copper is one of the most versatile and durable construction materials used. It has been estimated that 85% of the copper smelted since the Early Bronze Age, 5300 years ago, is in use today.


Thermal Polyolefin (TPO)

Harper Roofing TPO Thermal Polyolefin Roof

TPO is a long lasting, flexible roof membrane for low slope applications. Seams are hot air welded. This roof is shown with an integrated skylight array. The adjoining steep roofs are covered with Certainteed Independence shangles.