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Steep Roofing


  • Techo-Tile
  • Clay Tile
  • Concrete Tile
  • Copper
  • Slate
  • Wood Shingles

ATAS Techo-Tile

Harper Roofing ATAS Techo Tile 1 Harper Roofing ATAS Techo Tile 2 Harper Roofing ATAS Techo Tile 3 thumb 4

A look of the old world, Mediterranean Mission replicates the look of mission tile. It is fabricated with galvanized steel and coated with a Kynar-500 finish.


French Imperial Clay Tile

Harper Roofing Clay Tile Close<emptyHarper Roofing French Imperial Clay Tile

French Imperial is a large fluted interlocking tile that was manufactured by Ludowici-Celadon. It continues to be manufactured both in once-fired (usually tile red or empire green) and twice-fired resulting in a glossy, deep colors.

Waterseal Concrete Tile

Harper Roofing Concrete Tile RoofHarper Roofing Concrete Tile Example

This is one type of concrete tile that does not require nails for fastening but rather a lattice of wood strips on heavy underlayment, upon which is it hung. The tile interlocks with those around it forming a durable, fire-proof barrier to the elements. This tile was manufactured from proprietary molds during the 1920's-1940's at our site at 740 West Short Street.



Harper Roofing Copper Example 1 Harper Roofing Copper Example 2 Harper Roofing Copper Example 3 Harper Roofing Copper Example 4

Copper roofing is the one of the most durable, low-maintenance types of roofing available. On very low slopes, copper pans are locked and soldered to form a network of reinforcing joints, its anchor points being within the locks and covered. As the angle of the slope increases above 9.5 degrees, double-locked, vertical, standing seams are employed in which the anchor points are interior to the seams and fully covered. No externals fasteners are used. Copper is one of the most versatile and durable construction materials used. It has been estimated that 85% of the copper smelted since the Early Bronze Age, 5300 years ago, is in use today.

Lamarite Synthetic Slate

 Harper Roofing Lamarite Synthetic Slate Close Harper Roofing Synthetic Slate

The next description will go here.


Vermont Slate

Harper Roofing Vermont Slate ExampleHarper Roofing Vermont Slate Custom CupolaHarper Roofing Vermont Slate

Beginnings of a New York/Vermont slate roof, typified by the mingling of unfading greens and grays, fading grays, and purples. Sometimes a small percentage of "freaks" or red slate are sprinkled in randomly.


Wood Shingles

Harper Roofing Wood Shingles Example Harper Roofing Wood Shingles SkylightHarper Roofing Wood Shingles Close

Wood shingles are primarily made from western red cedar although cypress is sometimes used. The shingles are typically sawn or resawn and are smooth on both sides, averaging 1/4" thick. Wood shingles should never be applied directly over asphalt felt, except at the eaves of the roof. Wood shingles are typically 16" or 18" long, The exposure of wood shingles depends on the slope of the roof, as lower slopes would require a maximum of 4" exposure and steeper slopes would require maximum 5" exposure.